Penny Haren's Pieced Appliqué™ (L11222)
Penny Haren's Pieced Appliqué™ - Take the mystery out of creating intricate blocks with Penny's amazingly simple technique. Begin with nine basic foundation blocks and turn them into 25 "Wow! How did you do that blocks?"
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Penny Haren's Pieced Appliqué™ - More Blocks & Projects (L11226)
In my second book, I’ve designed 25 more blocks that build on the same foundation blocks showcased in the first book. They are not any harder – just more layers – and more fun! And, don’t worry – a beginner can be successful on her very first try! It’s all in the technique!
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I designed these rulers to go with the book, but when we showed them at International Quilt Market in Portland this Spring, we realized that we had hit a home run! It turns out that this dual purpose ruler has met the needs of ALL quilters AND scrap bookers…..

I usually make my blocks bigger and then trim them down to the exact size I need. I will make a four-patch larger for instance, and trim it down to an exact 6 ½” size by placing the horizontal and vertical lines on the ruler on the seam lines of the block. Trim around all four sides of the ruler – and I have a perfect 6 ½” foundation block!

I also wanted a ruler that showed the seam allowance around the entire outside edge of the ruler so I wouldn’t trim off any points or parts of my appliqués. And, I wanted independent squares printed at every inch so I could place it over a fabric and see if I could fussy cut a design out of that fabric. (Fussy cutting is cutting a specific motif out of a fabric so it will be centered in a completed block.)

But it is all about the holes! This was a hot flash moment….I woke up at 4:00 in the morning and wondered if they could drill holes in the ruler! By drilling holes at the corners of dashed squares, you can mark – and add – the seam allowance to the motif, quickly and easily!

Machine embroiderers and appliquérs have traditionally cut their foundation blocks larger than the completed blocks since the embroideries and appliqués tend to “shrink” the finished project. They are using this ruler to center and Square Up their designs. That is why the 12 ½” size is the second best seller even though I haven’t featured it in a book yet!
6" Square It Up and Fussy Cut Ruler (CGRSQ6)
This is the must have ruler to make the blocks in this booth! I designed it for this book – and used it for every single block! I used the vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines to square up the foundation blocks. I fussy cut fabrics to enhance the blocks by centering a design in the 1in - 6in solid squares. The drilled holes at 1 ½” - 5 ½” increments let me mark & add the seam allowances to the fussy cut pieces.
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8" Square It Up and Fussy Cut Ruler (CGRSQ8)
Each 6” finished block in the quilt is surrounded by a sashing strip that I call the “fudge factor”. This sashing was cut wider than necessary. After it is sewn to the pieced block, the block AND sashing are trimmed to 8 ½”. It is so simple with this ruler – just place the diagonal lines through the corners of the sashings and trim.

I’ve designed this quilt to be VERY forgiving. If all of the finished blocks don’t measure exactly 6 ½”, it can be absorbed into the sashing. No one is going to notice if one block finishes 5 ¾” and the sashing surrounding that block is 1/8” wider! Since the blocks and sashing are all cut to the same size, the quilt will go together perfectly!
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9" Square It Up and Fussy Cut Ruler (CGRSQ9)
When I designed this ruler, I didn’t realize that it met the needs of so many people! It was a top selling ruler for Creative Grids before my book even came out! Machine embroiderers, appliquers, and hand embroiderers have found that it is the perfect way to center and trim their finished projects!

I also used this ruler in one of the settings that is used in the second book. It is used to incorporate a “fudge factor” into that quilt too.
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12" Square It Up and Fussy Cut Ruler (CGRSQ12)
This is the second most popular size for the same reason that everyone loves the 6” version…6” and 12” blocks are the most popular sizes of blocks! It’s that simple! Use it to square up your appliqué and embroidery blocks.

I also designed a setting for the second book that incorporates this ruler – wait until you see it – you’ll love it!
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3" Finished Triangle Paper on a Roll (QRH300)
Use this size to make 3” finished half-square triangles. The seam allowances are included in the pattern paper, so all you need to do is sew through the paper AND the fabric to make perfect 3” finished half-square triangles. Instructions are provided on the paper. Each roll makes 600 half- square triangles.

All of the pinwheels and eight-pointed stars in my book are made with this paper! I love it so much, I even show how to use it in my book! You will love it too!
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8.5" x 11" sheets of freezer paper (FP20107 )
The complete set of templates for my book can be downloaded from the Landauer Corporation website – in the multiples needed to complete the quilt! How cool is that – you never have to trace templates again! Simply run off the 17 pages of templates and iron this freezer paper to the back. I cut out an entire set of templates for this quilt while watching Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters! I love this stuff!!!
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Add a Quarter 12" Ruler (CM12)
This ruler has a raised lip that measures ¼". When placed on the edge of the templates, the fabric can quickly and easily be trimmed ¼quot; away from the templates to add the seam allowance! It was originally designed to trim the fabric when paper-piecing – but it works great with my book too. It comes in a 6quot; length, but I love the 12quot; because a 6quot; ruler does not extend across the diagonal of a 6quot; block! This size is just more usable!
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Lakehouse Fabrics Bundle(The Cover Quilt)
(Picture to right shows finished quilt using these fabrics)
I love the clean, crisp look of these Lakehouse fabrics. We have packaged assortments of fat quarters that will give you the look of this quilt. You can choose light or black versions. Each packet includes approximately 18 fat quarters. (Some kits include a panel that couldn’t be cut into fat quarters. – It’s never simple, is it!)

We used both packets in our quilt, but you actually can make it with just 18 so we packaged these with your budget in mind. The variety of fat quarters may vary slightly – depending on fabric availability. Just let us know if you want lights or blacks!

To order this product, please contact Landauer Publishing via the link on the "Links" page.
Full Sun Bundle
(Picture to right shows finished quilt using these fabrics)
I packaged these a little differently because of the color choices in this fabric line. There are reds, blues, golds, greens, and blacks. Most of my students have chosen to showcase a few colors in this line – reds and blues; golds and blacks; etc. You will need two bundles to make the blocks in this quilt. Just let us know what your favorite colors are!

To order this product, please contact Landauer Publishing via the link on the "Links" page.